The National: When Women Take the Helm


An article by Nathalie Gillet in the UAE newspaper The National discusses the role of women entrepreneurs in the UAE. Souad Al Hosani shares her experience and offers a few pieces of advice. An excerpt from the article: “Ms al Hosani says she created her own environment of role models. “I like to meet people. Any event that happens in Abu Dhabi, you will find me there,” she says. “When you are around people, you must introduce yourself, look at their different cultures, broader perspectives – it helps you understand the world better,” Ms al Hosani says. “I meet a lot of people who are creative, CEOs, owners of big companies who are travelling around the world. And I think, ‘Why not me’?”‘

The article was published in The National on August 18, 2009 and the full version may be found here.


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